What is the prospect of the newly rising PVC plastic floor?

PVC plastic floor because of its use of materials is environmentally friendly renewable PVC, in line with today’s environmental trend, can be said to be a sunrise industry. Looking forward to the future, PVC plastic flooring will have a broader development space. PVC plastic floor will also be small and fine people use functional floor to universal floor, the following author briefly to talk about PVC plastic floor industry in the future of China’s market development trend

01 the speed of development was accelerated

China’s lower labor and raw material costs have laid a solid foundation for domestic enterprises to produce PVC plastic flooring. The broad market and rapid growth of demand attract more and more enterprises to enter the PVC plastic flooring industry. It is expected that in the next few years, the growth rate of PVC plastic flooring production and sales will exceed that of any other materials, and become one of the fastest growing characteristic economies.

02 wider range of applications

In addition to the public places, PVC plastic floor is naturally light, flame retardant, moisture-proof, anti-skid and other characteristics, making it the most popular decorative materials in the future. In addition to being widely used in public places, it will also enter the home decoration market in a large area, and its application scope will be further widened.

03 more environmental protection and health

With the continuous optimization and improvement of technology and processing technology, PVC plastic floor will become more environmental protection and health, safety will be improved and improved, resource utilization efficiency will be higher, and PVC plastic floor will become the most popular recycling high-quality decorative materials.

04 installation technology requirements are higher and higher

The unlimited requirements for the safety of decorative materials and the pursuit of decorative effect will greatly change the simple installation process of existing PVC plastic floor. In order to better show the colorful decorative effect of PVC plastic floor, the technical level of installation company and installation personnel will be higher and higher, which will promote the construction technology of PVC plastic floor more mature and the industry more standardized.

05 industrial division of labor is more and more obvious

Similar to the development process of domestic PVC plastic flooring in recent years, imported brands have a relatively standardized and systematic sales and installation system, and their respective division of labor is very clear. The raw material suppliers are very familiar with the material and performance, so they are the best construction organizers, and have become one of the most significant characteristics of domestic PVC plastic flooring industry. In the next few years, the domestic PVC plastic floor production enterprises will be the same. They will not only be the supplier of PVC plastic floor, but also the best construction supporter of PVC plastic floor.

06 industrial concentration strengthened

Although PVC plastic flooring has not been developed for a long time in China, its regional characteristics are very obvious and the industry is relatively concentrated. Several industrial bases have been formed in Hebei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangzhou. With the continuous expansion of the production scale of domestic brand enterprises, the industrial concentration will be further strengthened, and the monopoly will be more and more strong, and promote the cooperation and integration between industries.

Post time: Oct-27-2020